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If you have to start from scratch with blogging, it is important that you know the basic things involved in it, such as domain name and hosting, the software to use, how to earn from blogging, and what to write about.

About Me

On the way to become the best version of myself

Prince Daksh

Founder & CEO

Hey Bloggers, welcome to Technical Daksh. I am a Professional Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and a Digital Entrepreneur. Here, I blog about Blogging to help people make money online.

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What Experts Says About Me:

Prince really believes on his own self and after completing my SEO King course Prince is really doing great work and I can say that he is really a great SEO expert.

Abhit Upadhayay

Owner, SEO King Program

Prince is working harder day by day to help people grow their expertise in SEO and also with his interview section, he inspires the emerging internet enthusiasts to work smarter and grow equally well 💓.

Kunal Sinha


Prince is one of the passionate bloggers, I ever saw. His blog has inspired me to work hard. His Blog posts are very in-depth and are a fantastic resource.

Shehraj Singh

Founder, BloggingFire.com

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