Interview With Piyush Yadav – Founder Of Exact Blogging

Hey Everyone, I'm Prince Daksh Founder of Technical Daksh. Welcome To The First Interview. This week we Interviewed a Blogger – Piyush Yadav who’s the Founder of ExactBlogging.

I have known Piyush Yadav for three months and he is doing a great work in blogging, I have also read many of his articles which I like very much. 

In his blog, he shares Blogging, SEO, Social Media, WordPress, Web Hosting, and anything that relates to blogging & Digital Marketing.

So, without wasting any second let's start this interview...

NOTE: He has shared some secrets tips that will definitely help you to grow your blog or website So, don’t skip any question.

Prince Daksh - Can you tell our readers who is Piyush Yadav?

Piyush Yadav - Hello Prince,

First of all thank for giving me this opportunity to share my blogging knowledge with your readers. 

Hey Folks, I'm Piyush Yadav, a passionate blogger, affiliate marketer, founder of Exact Blogging and a school going boy.

I am from Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It is situated near Agra.

I’m doing blogging since last 2 years. In these 2 years, I started many unsuccessful and many successful blogs and learned a lot of things from those blogs

Apart from blogging, I'm also running a YouTube channel and a facebook group "Exact Blogging VIP".

Prince Daksh - How did you enter in the blogging industry?

Piyush Yadav - Back in 2017 when I was in the class 9th. I requested my father to buy a smartphone for me and the next day I got it. When I received my phone I started a YouTube channel and started uploading videos on it. 

I posted over 20 videos on my channel and got 500+ subscribers within one month but due to some personal reasons I stopped uploading videos and after some days when I opened my Gmail I got an email from Youtube that your channel has been suspended from Youtube and you are no longer able to view your channel and also you can't upload videos.

After some days I had watched a video on youtube that is a comparison between Youtube and Blogging and decided to start blogging.

There was a very weird reason behind my decision that I would not have to make videos in blogging, I can do blogging peacefully.

So, this is how I entered in this field.

Prince Daksh - What is Exact blogging? and why you create this platform (website)?

Piyush Yadav - is my main blog, where I talk about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, WordPress, Web Hosting, and anything that relates to blogging.

My main motive behind creating this platform (website) is to help newbie bloggers to grow their blog in less time.

Prince Daksh - Explain Is Blogging Still Worth it?

Piyush Yadav -  A few years back, blogging was just a hobby that some people was doing in addition to working full-time jobs. But now blogging has become a profitable online business. So I can say that blogging is still worth and it will always be profitable. 

Because many people love reading an article and some who love watching a video. So blogging will always be profitable in my point of view.

Prince Daksh - All we know that a new blog face many challenges for traffic so what is the best strategy that worked well for getting more traffic on the blog?

Piyush Yadav - Blogging is not like Youtube in blogging if we want traffic then we have to do SEO of our blog to rank our article.

I have started Exact Blogging four months ago and now I'm getting over 500+ users from organic search to my website. It all happened due to SEO and proper keyword research.

But as you know SEO is a long time process so it takes some time to get traffic from SEO to your website.

So, in this case, you can use many methods to get instant traffic to your website some of them are as follows:

i) Facebook - Facebook is the ultimate way to get huge traffic to your website even 30% traffic on my website is coming from facebook.

ii) Conduct interview - Interview is also a great method to get instant traffic to your website but this is a lengthy method in this method, first of all, you have to build a good relationship with other bloggers similar to your niche and then ask them for an interview.

iii) Forums - Forums like Quora, Yahoo answer, Futher are also great ways to get instant traffic to your website. 

These forum websites will help you in increasing traffic as well as increasing the authority of your Website.

Prince Daksh - Any major upcoming projects?  

Piyush Yadav - Yes! I'm working on many projects like Digital Marketing Agency, Consistency On Youtube and many secret projects that will help you guys, a lot in your blogging career.

Prince Daksh - How much time do you spend on your work? and How to manage school & blogging both?

Piyush Yadav - I do not have any fixed time table for blogging but still I'm working at least 4-5 hours in a day. And yes I also have a small but very good time table for me look at this:

6:00 AM - Wake up

7:00 AM - School time

12:40 PM - Back from school

1:30 PM - Start doing blogging work

8:00 PM - Close the laptop and go for work and dinner

9:00 PM - Study time

12:00 AM - Time to sleep

Sunday is a free day for me because I'm not working on Sunday I'm giving Sunday to me.

I play cricket on Sunday for at least 4 hours and goes for a ride with my friends.

Prince Daksh - Any secret tip to grow in the blogging industry?

Piyush Yadav - Networking with other bloggers that are doing well in your niche.

This helped me a lot in increasing my website traffic and also helped me to learn many new things that other bloggers don't know.

So try to build a good relationship with other bloggers.

Prince Daksh - What are your Future Plans?

Piyush Yadav -  First of all, in the future, I want to publish many helpful contents on my website which help newbie bloggers to grow their blog quickly.

And I'm also going to start a digital marketing agency which will give amazing efforts at a very cheap price and I'm also going to do some other things that never done before.

Prince daksh - When you demotivate then what thing motivates you?  

Piyush Yadav - First of all, I would like to tell you that I never feel demotivated because I love what I do.

But, When I feel something demotivated I help other people who are facing problems. This motivates me a lot.

Prince Daksh - Tell the name some of your favorite bloggers and explain why they are in your favorite list?

Piyush Yadav - Many bloggers are my favorites some of them are as follow:

  1. Harsh Agarwal - He always encourages me.
  2. Neil Patel - Amazing writing and presentation skill.
  3. Ankit Singla - His knowledge inspires me a lot.
  4. Santanu Debnath - I love his blogging skills.
  5. Sumit Sao - His writing skills are very effective.
  6. Anil Agarwal - I do not have any words for him. He is excellent.

Prince Daksh - Can you share any success mantra or message with our readers?

Piyush Yadav - Some messages that inspire me a lot:

i) "You don't have a money problem". "You have skill problem."

ii) If anybody says you to leave blogging because you aren't getting traffic please forgive because at the start everyone has no experience.

iii) Success comes from experience and experience comes from a bad experience.

Prince Daksh - What're your views about me and my work?  

Piyush Yadav - Well, I think Prince you have started your blog recently. Featuring top bloggers in your niche is the best way to get connected with them and build your network.

Try to be humble with others and also try to help other people.

Prince Daksh - Rapid fire question is fun. Let’s start.  

Piyush Yadav - WOW! Looks amazing I love these types of questions.

⇒ Coke/ Pepsi?

-- Pepsi

 ⇒ Computer Games/Outdoor Games?

-- Outdoor games (Love cricket)

 ⇒ Cricket/Football?

-- Always cricket

 ⇒ Yo-Yo Honey Singh/Badshah?

-- Honey is always best

 ⇒ Virat Kholi/Dhoni?

-- Alway Dhoni

 ⇒ Neil Patel/ Backlinko?

-- Very difficult but my answer is Backlinko

 ⇒ Apple/Samsung?

-- Apple

 ⇒ Adsense/Affiliate?

-- Affiliate

So, here the interview comes to an end. Enjoyed a lot with you Piyush Yadav. The amazing gossip with Piyush. All the very best for Exactblogging and your upcoming projects.

Thank you for joining with

Have A Great Time, Good Luck❤


Prince Daksh

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