Interview With Kunal Sinha – Founder of MTL Ventures

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I'm Prince Daksh Founder of Technical Daksh. Welcome To The This Latest Interview. This week we Interviewed  – 18 Years Old Digital Entrepreneur Kunal Sinha - The Founder Of MTL Ventures.

Kunal Sinha is a Youngest Digital Marketer from the town who dreamt of revolutionising the Future of Indian Digital Media.

So, without wasting any second let's start this Amazing Interview With Kunal Sinha...

Prince - Can you tell our readers who is Kunal Sinha?

Kunal - This is Kunal Sinha. An Awards winning Blogger, Content Creator, Digital Marketer & an Entrepreneur in Professional life and a BBA pursuing 1st year student who took Science stream in 11th Standard by mistake.

Lemme tell you, what all I have got here. So, I am the Founder of MTL Ventures (A Digital Marketing Company), having 44 other sites in various niches, having a secret offline venture, some other online ventures, I am also the Publisher at various Digital Platforms like Entrepreneur India and holding some shares in World Share Market too.

Prince - What is MTL Ventures? and what is the main motive of this company?

Kunal - MTL ventures is one of the India's top rated and highly appreciated digital marketing agency based in the National Capital Region of India (NCR). It was started in March, 2017 by me with a vision to encourage digital marketing and digital media in India.

At the initial moment I started at my own will and investment but now MTL ventures comes up with a beautiful and promising team of 35+ marketing geeks.


Main motive of MTL Ventures is to provide all the possible digital solutions to its clients to generate leads.

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Prince - How did you enter in the blogging or digital marketing industry?

Kunal – In October 2014, I along with two of my friends entered into this blogging field with our individual free blogs. Due to some reasons, the other two stopped working but I continued it and later it became my passion and I converted it to my Profession by the year 2016 with my first .com website – MTL MyTechLoaded (A Technology based site).
By the year 2017, I entered into the Digital Marketing or the Digital Media and continuing the same currently.

Prince - Kunal, As far as I know, you have more than 40 blogs and all are running successfully. so can you tell us for beginners should work on many blogs or not?

Kunal - Nobody starts with several blogs. I myself started with a single blogspot blog. The number of blogs will keep on increasing the far you go in your Journey. Any beginner cannot make, maintain several number of blogs. I have 44 Blogs after 5 years of journey on the Internet. Thus, I won’t recommend focusing on number of blogs during the initial days.

Prince - If I want to start a Digital marketing agency So what advice would you give me that I can run my agency well?

Kunal – A Digital Marketing agency sounds to be a simple business that could be held way easier than any production company but it is not true. Providing services gives you an equal head ache as compared to any production company.

I would recommend you to have your goal set for your business, sufficient funds, average staffing and market knowledge. If you have all of them, you are ready to go. 

Prince - I have been following you more than 6 months and I have seen in your pictures and posts that you have an amazing & fit body, so please give some advice to
all of us to stay fit?

Kunal – Eat Healthy, Sleep Enough and also if any individual can give around 1 hour to himself/herself, I would recommend him/her to go to the gym and start lifting.


In the gym, generally we do the Isotonic exercises and that are essential to make a change in my opinion. Also, gym provides you an engaging environment that you cannot attain on your terrace or inside your room. 

Prince - Can you share your monthly earning?

Kunal – Let’s move to the next question mate 🙂

Prince - okk 😄😄...

Prince - You became quite successful at a young age, so whats your parents say about all these work?

Kunal – I never thought myself to be Successful yet. Have a lot of work to do and finish off! Even, my parents don’t think so. They were quite worried about me earlier and even now also since I don’t show much interest in studies.

Dad understands what I do and he is supportive. Mom is also supportive but she is always worried about my studies and education and I think it’s obvious for any parent. But I think, they both must be Proud of me and that’s enough for me.

Prince - What are your Future plans & Upcoming Projects?

Kunal – To be honest, I don’t discuss much about my next moves. So, I can say that future plan is to grow myself and all my entities. There are many projects on the go and few major projects are going to start by the next year and for your reader’s interest, I would like to inform them that we would be partnering up with several bollywood projects, huge MNCs by the year 2020.

Prince - How much time do you spend on your work? and How to manage college & blogging both?

Kunal – During my initial days, I used to work for about 15-16 hours (leaving my studies way behind my interest :P). As time passed, these working hours kept on reducing since I started building up my own team. Now, I work for around 4-5 hours on college days and around 7-8 hours on holidays. Now it’s easier for me to work for long since I am studying business now thus it helps in studies also. It was difficult for me to focus on both the things from 8th standard to 12th standard and therefore my grades started decreasing subsequently.

 During my journey, I learned that you have to either follow your Passion or get indulged into your academics. If you are following your passion and also wanna do best into your academics, then I think it would be way difficult for you and no sooner either you have to forget your passion or keep academics aside. 

Prince - When you demotivate then what thing motivates you? 

Kunal – When I get demotivated, I do the following things:-

  • I talk to myself in the mirror.
  • I start reading books that I think would motivate me.
  • I start sharing my problems with my dad. Try this.
  • I start hitting gym with double the intensity. 
  • I go off desk for a while and try to spend some time with my family, friends.

Prince - Tell the name some of your favorite bloggers & marketers and explain why they are in your favorite list?

Kunal – I am my own favorite and I don’t think I need any reason for that mate.

Prince Daksh - Can you share any success mantra or message with our readers?

Kunal – The only message will be that always follow your passion. Your interest will take you way far into your life. Don’t ever go for shortcuts since it doesn’t last for long. Don’t expect anything to come to you by itself, you have to work on it and the last line will be try to wait for miracles to happen. Not today, not tomorrow but one day the miracle will happen if you truly give your best.

Prince Daksh - What're your views about me and my work?

Kunal – I have read your blogs mate and they are highly promising. To be very honest, I could feel the spark in you of doing something great in near future. All the best for your future endeavors.

Prince Daksh - Thanks Kunal.... 

Prince Daksh - Rapid-fire questions...

Ans: Oats

Computer Games/Outdoor Games?
Ans: Outdoor (Cricket)

Sandeep Maheswari/Vivek Bindra
Ans: Sandeep Maheswari

Yo-Yo Honey/ Singh/Badshah?
Ans: Of course Honey Paaji

Ans: Lamborghini is feel.

Neil Patel/ Backlinko?
Neil Patel

Ans: Android (For Apple, no money)

Ans: Gym ofcourse. That’s my love.

Ans: Adsense. I have never been into serious affiliate.

So, here the interview comes to an end. Enjoyed a lot with you Kunal. The amazing gossip with Kunal and Got to learn a lot from you. All the very best for MTL Ventures and your upcoming projects.

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