Interview With Shweta Panchal: Affiliate Marketer

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Hey Amazing Peoples, How are you?…

I’m KP Chaudhary the content writer here at Technical Daksh. Welcome To The This Latest Interview​. Today’s interview with 20 Years Old Affiliate Marketer Shweta Panchal.

Recently I heard about her from my friend. I wanted to know more about her. I’ve watched her IGTV videos on Instagram. Also, I have attended her Facebook live sessions in the last few days.

She was wonderful in answering my questions and I appreciate her genuine answers and heartfelt replies.

Exclusive Interview with Shweta Panchal:

◾ Shweta, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Shweta Panchal from Gurgaon Haryana. And I’m graduated from Shri ram college Gurgaon, And I’m into affiliate marketing business and uses attraction marketing to generate leads from Facebook.

◾ Which field do you graduate from?

I’m a B.A drop out.

◾ Why you dropped college?

Because I start doing network marketing as a full time.

And I choose Affiliate Marketing business because when I’m into Network Marketing, I face debts, and I don’t know how I stand again, so I attend a seminar then I feel it’s a great way to fulfill all dreams again.

Somebody guide me to do affiliate as part-time And here’s my results changed. So now I’m an Affiliate Marketer.

◾ Are you a full-time affiliate marketer now?

Yes, I’m a full-time affiliate marketer and trainer as well.

◾ You are a full-time affiliate marketer. How long did it take you to accomplish that?

It’s just in the process. I’m a full-time affiliate marketer from August 2019.

◾ What led you to work as a full-time affiliate?

My mentor Mr. Saurabh Gopal. What led me… instantly commission.

◾ How did you first make money when you started affiliate marketing?

First sell is so difficult for me and my first sale is closed one month ago of my joining, and I follow my challenge process, and I did.
I don’t use any paid tools for leads no paid ads, only organic traffic.

◾ How exactly do you make money as an affiliate, and what are some of the affiliate sites you have created?

I’m running a 30 days Challenge to $1000 passive income. It’s completely Results ORIENTED training program Which is completely created for beginners, for struggling Network marketers, Affiliate MARKETers or Business owners who are struggling to Generate Highly Targeting buyer leads for Their Business either and are struggling to CONVERT them into a sale.

In our 30 days Challenge, we teach to our CHALLENGEs how to earn 100% $125 Instant commission on each sale over and over & 100% $125 Second Sale PassUp Commission Done By Your Affiliate Team As Passive Income.

I don’t create my own site yet. I use only attraction marketing and uses Facebook for leads generation.

◾ Why you haven’t created your own website yet?

Actually, I don’t need it because I want to be a problem solver and I’m doing really great from attraction marketing that’s why I don’t need
When I am getting lots of leads sales results from my Facebook profile so why I need it …?

◾ Absolutely but in my opinion, you should have a portfolio site. What do you think?

Yeah in future I will create my own website definitely.

◾ What is 1 skill you’ve learned since starting affiliate marketing that has helped you the most with getting your campaigns profitable?

Understand the person what he wants, don’t want, need.

◾ What is your favorite part about affiliate marketing?

Here’s we build a family and guide each other and make new connections daily.
I enjoy my work, And the great thing is I’m working from home.

◾ What is your least favorite part about affiliate marketing?

Least, when people neglect to learn and focus on only earning.

Part I don’t like is those people who think spreading links everywhere is the right way I really hate this so-called marketing method.
I tell those people as well I have a challenge here you learn a way to earn in the right direction, and this spreading links everywhere is only a way of time-wasting.

◾ What mistakes have you made with your affiliate campaigns and what would you have done differently?

I made a mistake once in the starting period I think this is the same as network marketing collect lots of contacts and call them. I did this once and but after that, my mentor guides me.

And I’m doing very differently always because I believe in a relationship, not in one time sale so first I make relation and make comfortable the other person and the most different is When I saw someone doing mistakes in marketing or he/she is a newbie I give them 9-10 free tips.

◾ Which entrepreneur/person has inspired you the most & why?

First is Mr. Pushkar Raj Thakur and The second on is Russell Brunson.

Pushkar sir why because I really love his lifestyle and the fire 🔥 inspired me And Russel is because he is a very kind person and I learn a lotttsssss thinks, strategy, the new ways from him.

◾ Apart from financially, how has affiliate marketing affects your lifestyle?

Affiliate Marketing affected my lifestyle little now as some And bad effect is I work globally so no time of sleep 😝.

◾ What’s it like being a full-time affiliate? Describe your typical day.

It’s very interesting to being a full-time affiliate marketer because here’s I connect with all over the world.

I make a chart in my room, and I wake up at 6 am after that I meditate, then read-only 2 pages of books and. Then bath an all, then I pray first and I’m ready on my work at 8 am, and I don’t touch my phone 3 hours after wake up.

First I work on my mind. Then I have already planned everything like what time I do a business-post what time a others post when I go live and specific 2-3 hours for prospecting.

And I spend very well time with my family 😇 this is the beauty of my work.

◾ What are your future plans?

I’m planning my future retirement at the age of 25. Now I’m 20 only With all of luxuries and dreams.

Because life is so short, don’t waste it to work full life work hard for 10 years and feel the life.

◾ What are three things you’d absolutely love to do in your life that you have yet to accomplish?

1. I love to spend time with my family, and my work gives me this freedom.
2. I dream to grow my business globally it’s I’m running.
3. Now I see a path to achieve all my dreams I have this platform now.

◾ How much is the most you have made in a single day with affiliate marketing?

It’s up to $125 a day.

◾ What is your favorite hobby?

Traveling and I’m a foodie😋.
I love to feel new places and taste new food.

◾ What’re your views about Prince(Founder of and his work?

He is doing great, and I really appreciate him, and the way he explain everything about his work is amazing and all the best for the future. Stay blessed.

Thanks, Shweta…

◾ Rapid-fire question is fun. Let’s start…

  • Pizza or Burger: Burger
  • Computer Games or Outdoor Games: Outdoor games(Badminton)
  • Apple or Android: Apple
  • Yaga or Gym: Gym
  • Coke or Pepsi: Coke
  • Virat Kholi or Dhoni: Virat Kohli
  • Deepika or Priyanka: Both

So, here the interview comes to an end. Enjoyed a lot with you, Shweta. All the very best for your upcoming projects.

Thank you for joining with Have A Great Time, Good Luck❤

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for amazing Affiliate Marketing tips: @imshweta9753 And Shweta Panchal

Written by KP Chaudhary

Written by KP Chaudhary

I'm the content writer here at Technical Daksh. In addition to writing blog posts, I edit our blog and through our interview series, it is my mission to make the most empowered community of Blogging.

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  1. Shweta

    👏👏it’s my pleasure 😇 to interviewed by amazing personality and thanks for being me here 👏👏👏😇😇🔥

    • KP Chaudhary

      Thanks to you Shweta. I learned lots of new things from you. One more time thanks for giving your time.🤗


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